Beyond Standard



Rizzo, Patricia: “Beyond Standard”

Hernán Marina - "Beyond Standard"

Hernán Marina’s work is elaborated on the basis of a series of investigations into issues that are powerfully pertinent. He alludes to the process of globalization and other themes that are relevant in a technified world, where any reference to spirituality is overshadowed in the midst of an increasingly profound loss of sensitivity.

In the course of his professional education, the author has attended business training courses focused on the study of market objectives. His particular fascination with this topic gave rise to a series of conceptual formulations that he later developed into visual works that present these themes with a great sense of irony.

When certain realities seem to be reduced to a game to determine the best competitor, thus establishing guidelines for future behavior, the art realm is hardly spared; it is immersed in the globalization of culture industries, at a moment in its evolution where the social presence of collecting as business dedicated to contemporary art is quite evident. Marina addresses this evidence and calls attention to precisely this loss of connection in so far as sensitivity is considered as a way of approaching works of art. His vision is presented from a skeptical standpoint, by way of comparative graphics and the evolution of objectives; he uses the same aesthetic used to communicate guidelines in the realm ruled by the market, where everything has a price and, as is true in the art world, mandates can be predetermined.

This aesthetic form evidences a repetitive rhetoric that emphasizes the predictable rationality of a technologically evolved daily routine. It is presented in a manner formally referred to as “digital art”. The results that come from working with the computer are necessarily clean, tidy and perfectionist. Flat colors and an uncontaminated presentation contribute to an attractive, elegant end product in which the media is not the message.

Patricia Rizzo
September, 2000